• Dean Graziosi and his view on the loud minority

  • Posted on July 18, 2018
  • Dean Graziosi is a man of many titles. He has already marked his name in the real estate industry. He has closed millions of real estate deals, written several books and most of them made it in New York Time best seller’s list. He also has a late-night TV show wherein millions of viewers get to see him on a day to day basis.

    Being in the business for many years, Dean has a fair share or positive and negative reviews. Dean shared that when he was starting his career in the real estate business, he has struggled a lot. Some people would call him nuts for having to do things on his own. He discovered a group of people he called “loud minority.” In fact, the author and expert Dean Graziosi: Never Ignore The 'Loud Minority' In PR had become an inspiration to struggling entrepreneurs.

    It rooted back in the times when Dean was doing his first real estate deals with minimal money. He had to do everything from the very bottom, begging and borrowing money just to fund his real estate deal. He considered the loud minority as a financial hurdle that he needs to overcome. These are people who would show up to the public meeting and counteracts the things he does such as when attending a public hearing on approval to subdivide the land into smaller parcels. These people don’t like him at all even if he is doing things for the benefit of their community.

    Dean stressed the importance of not ignoring the loud minority. It is important to hear their voices as they can take your business to another level. People may or may not like you but you get to listen to what they say because only then will you be able to prove them wrong. As a struggling entrepreneur, there will be a lot of difficult days but continue to strive hard and show to the world your purpose. Click here to read the full article

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